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Olivella Skin Moisturizer Oil Anti Aging Elixir

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1.69 fl. oz. (50 ml)


Price: $22.00

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This magnificent Italian anti-aging Elixir beauty oil truly
replenishes and revitalizes your skin while your body is
at rest, during sleep. Works wonders for very dry areas
around eyes, neck, elbows, finger tips! It contains
premium quality 100% Virgin Olive Oil (rich in Vitamin A,
Vitamin E, beta carotene and squalene*) and scented
with natural floral essences & essential oils (citrus) from
the Mediterranean. Olivella anti-aging elixir oil is highly
emollient resulting in hydration, extra layer protection,
anti-aging and smoother younger-looking skin.

Apply on face, neck or body 10-15 minutes before
bedtime (2 or 4 drops) to allow elixir to deeply moisturize,
nourish and replenish skin during the night. For better
results, apply after washing with Olivella Bar Soap while
skin is not completely dry as it blends easily with water.
Made in Italy.