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Category Archives: Olive Oil & Vinegar Facts


To Whom It May Concern: This is to confirm that the oils and balsamic vinegars supplied by Veronica Foods Company sold on this site are GLUTEN FREE Products and are produced and packaged in gluten free facilities (no products are produced or packaged in our facility which could cause gluten contamination). This atatement pertains to: Continue Reading

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (Italy) is made from white and sugary Trebbiano grapes grown on the hills around Modena. Custom demands that the grapes are harvested as late as possible to take advantage of the warmth that nature provides there. This vinegar is made from the cooked "grape must" [the juice pressed from grapes Continue Reading

What Influences Olive Oil Grade?

All olive oil starts with fruit on a tree. What happens after the fruit and the tree part company makes all the difference to the oil produced. United States Department of Agriculture the only acceptable grade of olive oil is Virgin Olive Oil per the US Department of Agricultue. The Food and Drug Administration definition Continue Reading

Timing is Everything

The most critical decision and least understood variable in producing fine olive oil is the level of ripeness of the fruit when the olives are harvested, affecting both yield and organoleptic characteristics. Additional factors of regional variations are harvest time, risk of frost and mill schedules. These all affect the quality of the finished product. Continue Reading

How It Is Made

The basic procedure making olive oil has remained the same for thousands of years: harvest at the right time, crush the olives into a paste, separate solids from liquid components, and further separate the vegetable water from the oil. Extraction methods have a direct effect on the flavor and quality of the olive oil. The Continue Reading

Single Variety and Mono Cultivar

The variety or cultivar selected for planting will certainly have an effect on the overall flavor and characteristics of the oil, but the characteristics and relative merits of individual cultivars are hotly contested. Although most table fruit is unsuitable for oil production because of yield, size, and oil content there are always exceptions. This complicated Continue Reading